metro transit sucks

So I'm on the bus a little while ago, the number 10, on of MT's busiest routes. The driver thought it would be a good idea to make a joke with one of his busdriver friends who was outside at the Sportsplex terminal in Dartmouth, and yell loud enough for everyone on the bus at 2 in the afternoon could hear him. "IT WOULDN'T BE NOTHING FOR ME TO RIP YOU'RE FUCKIN' HEAD OFF AND SHIT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" This is an exact quote.

There were elderly ladies and children present. I took my complaint to MT with hopes that they would do something to rectify my absolute disgust. I could be arrested for uttering threats and using profanity and public if I did something like this and this guy is a) in public b) at work and c) getting paid public money. If Metro Transit gave a fifth of a flying fuck they would have gave me something for the fact that I was made to listen to this dirtball get paid my tax dollars to curse his face off.

Do any of you out there work a job where you can get away with that? I hope not. I know I certainly couldn't if. a customer hears me swearing I would almost certainly lose my job, or at the very least be written up, and that customer would get something for free.

I have tried to deal with Metro Transit Diplomatically and professionaly, only to be met with interrupting and uncarring call centre reps.

---Just trying to get to work

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