fuck HRM

dear workers on the corner of south and south park, GO FUCK YOURSELF! this bitch is not for complaining about the amount of noise you make, the lack of work you do, or how much you sit outside my front window bitching about your relentless bullshit on your coffee break.

theres a hose coming through my bedroom window thats allowing me to have showers right now.. thats cool. Im all for removing it considering I have to keep my window unlocked and open at all times even during the night when theres a fucking creeper creeping around breaking into girls bedroom windows.

thanks for letting me know that you were coming to remove it today. thanks for waking me up at 730am by FUCKING BASHING ON MY BEDROOM WINDOW REPEATEDLY! yeah, i guess that would be the most appropriate and professional thing to do.

you couldnt leave a fucking note on my door the day before saying "oh hey, maybe, if our lazy asses get to it tomorrow, we will have to come into your apartment and remove the hose" a little warning that our water was being shut up off in the morning would have been nice too.

---guess im going to school greasy today

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