Miss small biz

You know what? I'm really fucking sick of idiotic snobs. This bitch is on behalf of the BITCH that went on a service trip with me less than a year ago, becomes my friend, advocates for such wonderful bonding in the group and all that glitzy lovey-dovey KRAP, and then treats me like a STRANGER when I bump into her at Tim's. The scene: I walk in, oblivious to her presence. She turns, and our eyes meet. I am pleasantly surprised, and offer a cheery ''Hi!" and a wave. SHE on the other hand, stares at me briefly with her suddenly drooped, glazed over eyes, mutters an inaudible ''hi...'', collects her purchases, and brushes past me without so much as a goodbye for politeness sake.

Honestly, I do not care that this happened. What I do not understand is how someone can dismiss that a friendship even existed by this behaviour, and how even a human BEING could treat another person like this. You, my aquaintance, are a manipulative cunt. I hope Brad Pitt asks you out, then simultaneously dumps you and punches you in the face. BOO, YOU WHORE.


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