Crying in my Tuna

To a certain coffee chain... please label your sandwiches accurately. I made the mistake of popping in over my lunch to grab a coffee and one of your premade, wrapped sandwiches to go... the label said "tuna". Fine by me, I love tuna.

I get to my office, open the wrapper and I find enough chunks of red onion in the thing to keep a red onion farmer in the pink for a week. I'm talking tons and tons of the stuff, big, raw pieces of it, little tiny bits of it too, all mixed in with the tuna. I swear there was more raw onion than tuna. Bad enough at the best of times, but a disaster if you cannot eat raw red onion at all. After I spent 10 minutes removing all the raw onion I ended up with maybe half a tuna sandwich and a stinky pile of red onion in my trash. People later that day thought I was eating donairs in there, it smelled so bad. Please, if you're going to sell red onion sandwiches with tuna, label then as such. Then I can buy something else.

---Red Onions are the New Parsley

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