Oh, you leader-onner, you!

This rant is for all the girls out there who have been led on by a guy downtown.

I was out on Saturday night, and I met a guy who seemed interested in me. He even stayed to talk to me while his friends left the bar. We were at the bar til they closed, to the point where we were actually being told to walk to the door and leave the bar. Before we left, he asked if he could get my number, and then gave me his, and told me to text him.

We continued to talk outside for awhile, then walked (with my friends too) up to another bar where we found out his friends were. My girls and I weren't sure if we wanted to go in, but he went in to find his friends, saying "text me, okay?" before he went in. We went in a few minutes later, ended up seeing him in there and he saw me but didn't come over. Later on I texted him a few times, all short replies from him..... I texted him again yesterday and no response.... what's the deal??

I know alcohol was involved, but he knew what was going on. If you weren't that interested, then fine! Just don't ask for my number....you're not doing me any favours!

This rant has been brought to you by the letters DB

-- Hope you got Toothed by the Moose

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