Dear PC

Thank you so much PC for hosting your job fair of all the “major"business’s ( if thats what you wanna call them) – in Halifax?!
Thank you for not posting it in the news or on our local radio station
Thank you for advertising only on the Halifax section of kijiji -and not the New Glasgow section
Thank you for being total incompetent and inconsiderate that the people who actually live here who have family’s here - are the ones who need those jobs
Now that their is no steel plant and no Ict -Amongst all the other small businesses that have closed in the last year
Thank you for your new deed transfer tax’s – so young people are even further deterred from staying and investing here
Thank you for pointless construction all for the sake of a “make work” project to change the direction of two streets
Because you got a bad tourist review – and then bitched about it (Were you really all that surprised- none of us were)
Thank you for the time/money put into that “make work” Project – and not doing it properly – as this winter that sidewalk will be a death trap for seniors
(But it looks pretty so I guess that’s what matters)
Thank you for your cheep ass news paper – with not one ounce of actual journalism
But quaint little warm hearted sugar coated dog shit
Thank you for shrinking the comic section down to one page (It was the only thing you had going for you)
Thank you for our unique radio station that plays old time folk and fiddles fallowed up by Brittney spears
thank you for abandoned buildings with boreded up windows
Thank you for closing down our high school’s and loosening all of my years graduate’s transcripts and not being able to give me a answer as to what the hell I’m supposed do with no record of my education
Thank you for the dub look on my face time and time again basking in the ambiance of your political stupidity
thank you for rednecks with signs painted on their front lawns
Thank you for my stress (now a lovely rash) trying to find a job here with no avail
Thank you that I now have to leave my family/friends- because I can’t afford to live here
Thanks you shouldn’t have - really
---Sincerely yours

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