Mars and Venus in the Interview Room

You interview me for an hour and a half. When I ask you questions pertinent to the job and my ability to fit into it, you tell me I have an excellent manner, and have asked thoughtful questions. You also tell me that the position is not carved in stone, and that I will have the opportunity to explore it after learning about the company.

I refer to my specific interest in your industry which prompted me to apply for the position. I explain that I am willing to take an entry-level position order to learn more about the field, and that I can see myself there for the long-term.

You explain that the company is growing and you prefer to promote from within, and what particular areas would I be interested in? I tell you, and you say that you admire my ambition, and that, given my experience, there is no reason why those areas wouldn't open up to me in the next few years.

Overall, the interview goes extremely well. I express my interest in the position, and the company. You confirm that you understand that I am interested. You tell me that my resume was the only one you were currently considering because nobody else had the qualifications for the job. You tell me I interview "impeccably". (I'd better, I used to teach people interview skills)...

I send a thank-you note (which NOBODY does anymore via email or otherwise). Then you get back to me via voicemail and tell me that you enjoyed meeting me "immensely", you would highly recommend me to anyone hiring, but that you think I will become "bored" of the position you have open.

Um, WHAT? Seriously? Were you in the room with me? Did you miss EVERYTHING I said? And did you forget that you don't even know WHAT it is you want me to do for you?

Seriously, I don't know HOW these people get themselves into positions where they're responsible for hiring others...

--maybe it's because I told you I was engaged?

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