Community NOT Corporations

The banks and corporations of the world have grown so large and powerful that they have more influence on your politician than YOUR ACTUAL VOTE. there is so much bickering in local government because of special interest that nothing is getting done on a local level. What about federal government? its being bombarded by lobbyist... THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY CORPORATE TERRORISTS, and their goal is total wealth and power.

My father told me the other day that when my grandparents were growing up in Cape Breton, they had no clue there was a great depression. they had such a strong since of community that the people all lived off the land and looked out for each other. We can sit back and let our government make a complete fool of democracy, but just be aware that the government has been failing us throughout history and will continue to do so until WE as a people, as a conscious, start to prepare to pick our selves up and dust our selves off.

it is not cooperate influenced government that make up this great country it is the people, and WE THE PEOPLE can come together and find peace through community. Start today, get involved, BUY LOCAL... AND READ THE COAST!

---Fall Of the Republic

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