Halloween Stupidity

To the dumbass in my building who tripped the fire alarm:

You must be a special kind of stupid if you think a smoke machine at your halloween party was a good idea. I hope you're proud of yourself for making the entire building evacuate in the dead of night. I know the people with the new born who were able to grab a pack of wipes and vaseline and a few diapers before wrapping their baby up in a blanket sure were. The older lady wearing only her nightgown and bathrobe who could barely get around WITH assistance was too. In fact, I'm sure the other couple hundred residents wanted to give you a big cookie for all your efforts.

And as someone who was about to get into the shower, having to run around for something to wear, thinking the building's on fire, wondering where the fuck my cats were I'd just like to give you this little piece of love: go fuck yourself with a splintery fucking stick. It's either that or my foot up your ass if I ever find out who the fuck you are.

---Pretty Kitty

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