Life must be pretty Boring...

Why does it bother you if others enjoy/dress-up/go out for Halloween? Ya, I'm talkin to you, you snobby little 20something year old on the #20 who felt the need to huff and puff at everyone who got on the bus dressed up on Friday. You even went so far as to make comments loud enough for all to hear, such as "Some people take it too far" or "people need to grow up"! Why does it bother you that others are enjoying themselves? And not just the little bitch on the bus, but I heard a lot of negative comments over the weekend that were directed at adults dressing up and taking part in Halloween. I don't understand why it bothers you, if you are one of those TYPES who's annoyed by others happiness and spirit, can you please tell me why???? WHY?????
---If you are this miserable at the age of 20.....I'd hate to run into you when you're TTFN's age!

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