I wonder if you can hear...

To all of you obnoxious car drivers who feel the need to "share" your music with the rest of the world while going from Point A to Point B. Turn your fucking music down! Nobody gives a flying fuck about what kind of music you like, how loud your stereo system is or what kind of car you drive. Your shitty music is so fucking loud it is vibrating the bolts loose on your car not to mention shaking the windows of my home. The only thing that has prevented me from putting a fucking rock through your window is it can be considered assault and/or vandalism and it's illegal. Jesus, are your dicks that small that you have to make up for it with your car, its stereo system and your music. If you need it that loud to hear it then maybe you need your hearing checked. Knowing that you will be fucking deaf one day because of your stupidity makes me smile. Assholes.
---Silence is Golden

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