You wanna bitch about smoke?

I wanna bitch about the people that, for lack of a better explanation - seem to marinate themselves in a bathtub full of colognes and/or perfumes.


If you wanna come down so hard on smokers - you should come down just as hard on ANYBODY that wears any sort of scented product. They can make it JUST as hard for certain people to breathe, if not MORE difficult than just trying to deal with 1 lil ole cigarette.

Both will gag anybody(Well, smokes don't gag everybody..). Both will cause certain people to have attacks.

So I ask - Why is it only frowned upon to wear scents in the workplace - yet any other public area and you can douse yourself in as much cologne as you want? Sure, people bitch about it - but there are no laws against it.

Whats gonna bother you more - smoke that dissipates quickly - or a smell that will permeate a room until the point of complete over-saturation? Any place with airflow and smoke isn't a problem.. Somebody that douses the entire bottle on themselves will be a problem unless they're in a vacuum chamber.

The brainwashed will rant on about that 1 cigarette. Anybody else with a brain will see my point.

And furthermore, when I'm dead at 57 after really using no healthcare money - you can lay there in your deathbed at the age of 95, while waiting for every organ in your body to fail...

And laugh knowing that it was MY money, foolishly spent on cigarettes that paid for the machines keeping you alive.

Seacrest, Out!

---The King of Donair

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