Yielding. Tough concept. I know.

To the Asshat in the black Mazda RX-8 who cut me off on Chebucto Rd:
Yes, that funny little red and white triangle sign means you YIELD to oncoming traffic. Apparently you grasped that for a second... because you did stop... but then figured "F*ck it... I'm done waiting" and cut me off to the point where I had to swerve to miss your sorry excuse for a mid-life crisis. Yeah, so I blew my horn, that's what it's for f*ckpuppet. Great lesson your also taught your car full of kids. Beeping your horn and flipping me the bird over your daughter's head as you passed me on the way to the rotary was a class act. Yes, I did mouth something when you passed me... it was "YEILD". Potty-mouth aren't I? You totally deserved looking like a complete fool in front of your pre-teens. "Oh look, Daddy's a big man flipping off that girl! Yay! Dad's the coolest! I just wish he'd stop wearing those gay NASCAR-inspired sunglasses..." I just can't wait until your spawn hit the road with your example set in their minds...
---Tired of Mid-life crisis Arsebandits


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