All dogs go to heaven, idiots do not..

To the moronic runner in the purple shirt who gave me shit at Point Plesant Park today... you're an idiot. You yelled at me about not wanting my dogs to jump on you, which they hadn't... You took time out of your pathetic, ugly life to stop your run, turn around and get in my face. By doing so, my little 6 month old puppy jumped on your leg to see why you were yelling in her moms face. Had you of kept running, they would have never bothered with you. You think I like going to the park to get verbally assaulted by you for no reason? My boxer-mix has better manners than you do, and probably more friends. Do you give that same lecture to every dog-owner you see there, or was it just my lucky day? You claimed it was a "people-park"... show me the sign that says "people-park"... cause I'll show you the one that says "Off-leash Dog Park". It must be miserable being so miserable... while being a complete idiot... idiot...
---Hater of Dog Haters

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