Harper and His Conservative Bible Thumbing army at it again

Here we go with the Christian bible thumbing army using one thing to take away the rights for all of us. Oh save the kids, no more child porn. This is clearly a case of Harper and his useless tits in government to get started on the ISP invading the privacy rights of all Canadians to spy on you in the name of "child porn". What happen to probable cause and getting a fucking search warrant anyway? What the fuck is the point of police if the ISP's are ratting on their customers in the first place? The best thing is that the sleep conservative followers will not be happy till ISP's are ratting you out for everything. Trust me this is just the start, next they will be ratting on you for using bittorrent. You might as well stick your ass out the window and shit out your privacy rights at this point. Anyone that thinks this is a good idea in the name of stopping "Child Porn" is a fucking idiot. If the police want to get the names of the sick people downloading child porn then they should do their fucking jobs and do an investigation and obtain a search warrant before the ISP is allow to give them any information.
"Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security." -Benjamin_Franklin

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