Hey Music Industry! Stop Being Greedy!

So I just read an article about how the music industry is trying to levy fees from gymnastic clubs whenever they practice or use music. The article talks about charging the clubs a fee of $2.14 per member per year for use of the music (not a lot at first glance but multiply that by a 1000 members and you've got a hefty bill). Also they're asking for a portion of ticket sales from competitions for using that same music. What's next music industry? Charging people who play music at a house party because there's more than the owner listening to it? Levy a fee of $2 per partyer and send the bill in the mail?
It's just stupid and ridiculous!
I understand the need to charge music downloads but after the music is purchased, the music should be allowed to be shared with the rest of the world!
Consider it free publicity, music industry! Something like that is more valuable than the stupid $2 fee you're trying to get from these struggling gymnast clubs. A fee that is only making you look greedy.
---Share the Music with the World!

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