Paying for air? WTF?

What the fuck is up with gas stations charging us for using their air hoses? I went to FOUR fucking stations tonight looking to pump up one of my tires and every fucking one of them was looking for money to turn on the goddamn pump. Last time I checked, you didn't have to drill for or refine air. And if you're going to claim the "proceeds" (meaning whatever is left over after paying for whatever the fuck it is we're being charged) go to charity, try NOT naming the charity The COMPANY NAME HERE Foundation. I might as well make a donation to the George Fund. Is it not enough that you bastards fuck us up the ass at the gas pumps on a regular basis and make obscene, multi-billion dollar profits? You have to charge us for a couple pounds-per-square-inch of air too? Don't you realize that driving on under-inflated tires reduces our gas milea--SON OF A BITCH!
---Slug Tire Stu

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