Vampires made my mom stupid.

I'm so fucking sick of Vampires! Vampires used to be badass now they're lame. I understand that when a book/movie becomes really popular that spin-offs and extra shit inevitably pop up to scavenge. But why, of all the vampire lit and media out there to choose from, did that TERRIBLE book by that AWFUL writer become so popular? Even the shittiest of vampire novels/movies are loads better than this sad excuse for a story. I might be able to bear all the vampire themed fallout of this tragic explosion if the book was actually well written. But it's SO BAD! I can understand ignorant tweens drooling over it, but my mom loves this shit, my MOM! How am I supposed to look up to and respect a grown adult who thinks these are amazing, well written, epic stories? GOD!!
And the main vampire guy looks baked in the new movie posters. I'd be too if I had to act in that piece of shit.

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