come on canada get your head out of your arse

First off, I'm not insensitive to the needs of others, but I have serious problems with the attention that Haiti is getting right now.

1) Haiti needed help way, way before this earthquake happened. If every "humanitarian" who is out collecting donations now did that annually for a few decades, perhaps Haiti would have had the infrastructure in place to have prevented such devastation from this earthquake.

2) On the other hand, it's great people are out there getting donations, but, six-months down the road, when all our energies have been expended, and everyone has forgotten (again) about Haiti, there will still be sick, lame, homeless, impoverished, mal-nourished CANADIANS who will STILL NEED YOUR HELP.

I can't see how people can get all humanitarian over one incident in an already devestated place, and spend all their time doing that, when there are people in THEIR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY who need their help, day-to-day, and they ignore it. To me, that's fucking gross.

I'm going to donate more time and money to local organizations helping those AROUND ME in need, rather than ship it off to a country that is likely unfixable anyway. WHY DON'T PEOPLE CONTINUALLY CARE ABOUT THOSE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY EVERYDAY? Does it make people feel good to "give" to some foreign country because it's on the news 24/7. What about other third-world countries that also need your help EVERYDAY but don't receive shit from you?

SERIOUSLY: we need to help Canadians, Nova Scotians, and Haligonians first, you fucking selfglorifying hypocrites. Yes, Haiti needs help, but fucking Canadians need help. FUCK!


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