Chill With the Wind Chill Already...

I had it up to here with this stupid unscientific way of reporting the temperature. Stop giving us this stupid "feels like 40 below with the wind chill factor" bullshit!". If it's minus 15, just tell us. If it's gonna be windy, tell us that too. Frostbite alerts? No problem. But the 'windchill factor is just a stupid made-up thing to make the weather forecast sound more dramatic and get people to tune in. My thermometer doesn't care, my car doesn't care, my tools don't care, my diesel fuel doesn't care and the ice on the lake doesn't care.

Only a person standing naked, perspiring and shivering should care. If you (presumably) cover up, there is NO SUCH THING. Enough already with the "feels like 40 below!" crap from overly-excited weather forecasters! Minus 15 is just that, minus 15..

Listen: I've worked in 40 below, I've known 40 below, 40 below is a friend of mine...-15, you are no 40 below...

--seNor fRio maldiTo

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