Is it so hard to pick up a phone?

Most companies would notify someone by mail or phone when a payment doesn't go through (especially when you processed your payment early due to a holiday, which made my payment three days early, or two days before my payday).

But not you, you sent me nothing, and didn't make one phone call. I know you SAID you did, none of the calls you SAY you made ever showed on my cell bill. Between your "no NSF" policy which resulted in you cancelling my insurance, and my bank continuing to process your monthly payments, (apparently they were in on the conspiracy), I have been driving around with no insurance for months until a routine traffic stop. Even the HRM Police Force was aware I didn't have insurance, but why would I need to know?

Now I can't get insurance anywhere for under $200/month, because apparently my fine is considered as bad as a criminal conviction, even though I have 20 years of accident-free driving, and have never even had so much as a parking ticket. Oh, yeah, and nobody will allow me to make monthly payments because you cancelled me, and now I am considered a "high risk". Which is ironic, because a friend who recently got her license back after a drunk driving conviction is paying $70/month as a "high risk" driver.

Fuck insurance. Maybe I'll just keep driving without it. But of course I would never do that, because I am a law-abiding citizen (unless you money-grubbers make it impossible to be).

—Stuck on the bus until I get rich

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