This town needs an enema

First let me say, I love this city. But...

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how desolate the downtown area has become? What ever happened to the quirky shops and boutiques of back in the day? when you could find unique items and interesting shops and Barrington Street was fit for more than tumbleweed racing?

It is depressing to see the sidewalks rolled up at 6 and nothing in store windows but For Lease signs and Starfish Properties Decor.

C'mon, couldn't there be some rent incentive to get business back down here? It's great that Attica at least is putting displays in otherwise empty windows because the Starfish signs are sad.

Wouldn't you love to have a good ol' fashioned Hardware store on Granville, or some funky clothing or shoe options on Barrington? What about a retro Soda Shop of days gone by? Or an arcade? Or a friggin' place to buy buttons... WHATEVER..

Hooray for the stores that are still there, but they are struggling and let's face it, rather over priced. The touristy places are fine on the water, but why can't we work just as hard at enticing locals?

Don't you think property owners would rather offer cheaper rent than having buildings empty and rotting? The downtown core should be hustling and bustling, not crying and dying. This city deserves more dignity than boarded up windows and delapidated store fronts.

---Depressed Downtown

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