BFF pump 'n' dump: help wanted

Question: Would someone be so shitty as to pretend to be your friend for more than a year just to get in your pants..and never call you again? And I'm not talking acquaintance, 'we sometimes party together' friends...I'm talking hangs out with your friends/family and calls to talk for hours on end kinda friends.

Yes, I tried reaching out for some clarification (phoned, emailed). I also wanted to let this person know that if they were freaked by the prospect of me wanting a relationship, that I was ok with chalking it up to a crazy night where we just got carried away...and go back to being bffs again. No answer. Not even so much as a text in response.

Holy flying fuck—to think someone would put on such a convincing act just to get laid has really made me lose faith in basic human decency. It also doesn't make sense...or does it? It may be worth noting that we are both normal, attractive people, and also, that it seemed like this person had never had actual sex before, even though I can't see this being the was sober but had no idea what to do and seemed incredibly nerved up about the whole thing.

Anyway, since it doesn't look like I'm going to get any answers—or my bff back—I ask you: if all you want is a NSA hookup, would you not just pick some random where there are no expectations of anything beyond 8am the next day?? —I Guess I Meant Nothing

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