The most uptight guy on POF

After spending two months on plenty of fish, filtering out losers who just wanted a piece of ass (and couldn't get it in real life), I met this decent 'normal' guy who wasn't so 'sleazy'. We talked online for about three nights a week for three weeks and we hit it off well. And we exchanged pics, and we were both mutually interested after that.

Then I met him at a certain dt pub. We talked and drank beer for about an hour, everything was going great! Initially we were sitting on opposite sides of the booth. Then I made the first move and got on his side with him. I was a little buzzed but not near drunk. I told him he was cute and I put my arm around him. He didn't return the compliment and just sat there. I flirted with him some more and patted his leg a few times. He hardly looked at me. Then he did face me, so I leaned over to kiss him. (Don't get the idea that I'm a slut: I wasn't planning to fuck him that very night, I'm not like that, I just tried to give him a little kiss. It's 2010, a KISS, oooh I'm naughty!).

*He* clamps his mouth shut, stares straight ahead and makes a noise resembling a puppy-whimper! Then he tensed up. A couple minutes later he tells me he has to get up early for work tomorrow and then the date is over! I was like wtf was that!? I know I'm gonna get comments telling me that I gave him an outdated photo and I wasn't as 'attractive' as he thought I would be.

*But* for the record, the three photos I sent him were taken litterally a month beforehand and two were full-length (myself head-to-toe), so I think that had nothing to do with it (p.s. his photos were accurate too). My actions weren't over-the-top, were they? Was he gay, maybe? Was he really religious? Who fucking knows...all I know was that he wasted my time. Heh, who would have thought a guy on POF. would act the polar opposite of most of the horndogs that are usually on there?? Where the fuck is the pleasant medium in this city? —Gotta Keep Looking

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