Dear Mr Truckdriver

Ok I admit that when we bought our house we were newbies, first time home buyers. We did not realize that there would be so much truck traffic going on the Bay Road by our neighbourhood all hours of the night going to the industrial park down the road.

Anyway we're used to the occasional sound of a huge 18 wheeler thundering down the Bay Road BUT for the love of God do you have to honk your horn REPEATEDLY every time you go by the 24 hour gas stop? I know you're happy to see some of your other trucking buddies out and about but please have some courtesy and think of the residents in the neighbourhood across the street who are sound asleep at 2 a.m. when you honk your horn hello.

I live far far up the street and I can still hear you clear as a bell. When this happens 2 or 3 times a night it's a real pain.

Please have some courtesy.

PS: to the idiot that goes by the neighbourhood around 9 p.m every night in a passenger vehicle and honks their horn furiously. Get a life.—Mutual respect

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