Revenge of the Brainworm 2: Electric Boogaloo

There were only 4 rigs and trailers at the Timmies today, lined up on both sides of Shubie Dr. My bad for not splainin better last week. And they weren't blasting cheesy 70's novelty songs on Friday. It was the sight of them lined up that put "Convoy" in my mind, so, technically it wasn't their fault at all but mine. But who the hell takes responsibility for their actions anymore? So today I have Chris DeBurgh's cheesy madrigal about dogs playing blackjack on a train to hell, or some such silly-ass shit, on permanent loop in the old brain box and I'm buggered if I know why. I'll take it up with my therapist next session and by therapist I really mean the loudmouth whack-job at the Bridge terminal who insists on telling me how much better things are out in Fort MACK-murray.—His Holiness

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