Speedy Hypocrisy

I received my first speeding ticket a few months ago... I deserved it. I accept it, lesson learned... Racing twenty five km over the speed limit, so as not to be late for a luncheon, cost me over $200.00 dollars. What I DON"T get is seeing the same HFX police department who issued me the ticket, speeding ALL the damn time! I'm not talking about when their sirens are blaring, lights flashing, on their way to a legitimate emergency....just whenever they feel that traffic is moving a little too slow for them!

Today was the last fucking straw... To the Hfx police cruiser who was tailgating my ass for 10 km on my way to Bayers Lake today (now THAT'S safe), finally passing me when I slowed down to meet the limits designated by the " fines will be doubled in construction zones"... Fuck you and your hypocritical double standards. Glad you can get away with going over the speed limits. Hope you weren't late for your lunch date.—Bella

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