Coyote cull, or dumb idea

Now they want to start a coyote cull. Is this a good idea? While there are some very vicious animals around, our pets included here, there are also the very large number of those that aren't.

Can we afford to pop up 20 bucks for a bounty, sure, why not? When you have millions wasted on inane things that these politions buy, out of our fucking money, that even we can't afford to buy sometimes. Here's the kicker, they are going to hire trappers, more trappers, and these will be the only ones to get the cash.

I sent an email to d.n.r. outlining why this was a bad idea. So here is the gist of it. You let hunters go into the woods to kill them, not trap alive and then kill them. Charge us 10 bucks for a license if they wish, never mind the fucking bounty, hunters would be there in droves to do something in off seasons.

Now for the people who don't believe in killing any animal, whether senseless or not. Let me see you go to the areas where these things are, and not be eaten or maimed by even one of them. These suckers are getting more adapted to humans everyday, and also more aggressive to us. There has to be something done to stop this. Now the cull might not be the best way to go, but right now, it is the only way to curb the population explosion of them.

I have seen more coyotes in the last year, than in the 10 previous. There are far too many here. These are not the ordinary ones either, they are a hybrid of wolf/dog/coyote. And yes, we do have some wolves in this province, not many, but one is too much sometimes. So, let the hunters cash in on this shit too, and have an open season on them. If they only want x number killed, then so be it. The government made a mistake, in keeping this in house, and letting only the chosen few have a go at it. The best time to get these animals in in the fall, from September on through late May, When they mate and pup out.

I know all the whiners will eat me for this post, but put your kid in the middle of it, or your pets. Different story then, right? Let's have a hunt, and may the best animal win.—LIFE SUCKS

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