Scurry away faster next time...

To the older woman who tried to slip a note under our door: I saw you as you scampered away like a coward. How dare you heap all your resentment from a year of living in a shitty apartment on Quinpool Road on us? First of all, none of it's true. Last Saturday we had our first get-together since we moved in September in honour of our new roommate. There were only ten of us, we had no music playing and we were gone by midnight. As a result, you've chosen to blame us for broken beer bottles in the alley, guys pissing by your window, the parties hosted by the gentlemen in the flat across from us and the "loud conversations" you're constantly subjected to. Hello! You live directly on Quinpool Road next to a bar! We're all girls and can hardly be accused of pissing on your window! Although it would quite a feat if we did.

Also, calling us "bimbos" and repeatedly swearing at us is hardly the way to approach the situation. It's incredibly offensive and immediately discredits you. If you had an issue with the noise levels in the building you could have contacted us or spoken to the landlord like a normal person. We would have been completely receptive, as we're all reasonable and understanding girls who realize we need to respect others in the building. Instead, you've chosen to be completely passive aggressive. We're not interested in having your bitterness, loneliness and resentment build up and explode on us!

It's disturbing that a grown woman could have composed a letter like that. Next time, sign your name so we can discuss this like adults. —Quinpool "Bimbos"

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