Vandalism Sux

To the thugged out loser spray-painting the little shed on the Garrison Grounds by the CBC intersection the other night: YOU SUCK!

If I hadn't been afraid to approach you for fear you'd knife me or something, I would have told you to stop spray-painting that little structure. First of all, I'm pretty sad that I can't even stand up against something that's illegal in my own community because I'm afraid, and second, you're a fucking idiot.

I love street art, and it sucks that the city took the only space where people could express themselves, but spray-painting public property with ugly hard-to-remove squiggles isn't helping anybody. Your little act of "art" just made someone's day a little harder, and made a nice space look like an inner-city shithole. I would have called the cops if I had a cellphone so they could have caught you (literally) red-handed.

Get some respect for your environment, your neighbours, and yourself. If you want to make a political statement, do something productive, not something that diminishes the visual integrity of the city and makes other actual "street artists" look like hooligan vandal-gangsters. —RESPEK

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