I thought you liked good music

I was just asked to turn down my music by a roommate. Awwe muffin... You have a new job and you actually DO something now. Of course I have obliged, cause that's the way I am.

Now what about all the effin' nights of bitches trampling up the stairs in heels at all hours of the night while my 4yr old daughter tries to sleep? Or the endless amount of free house space you hog with all your groupies? Oh, what about every night you have these people over and insist on smoking weed and and cigarettes in the house when my daughter is over? Go fuck yourself.

I had lots of sleep, and have to get up at 5:30am, long before you. I'll be having 2 more beer, celebrating the Habs win, and the excess sleep I was fortunate to get. lmao ...oh I love this song... Grrrr —The volume increases one notch every song till I'm satisfied. :D

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