Baby Mama Bitch

You're one sorry piece of shit excuse for a fucking mother. You have no personality, and can't make healthy decisions on your own! You seem to be breeding children to get tax child benefit checks every month, and as the kids get to a certain age you give them up. Unfortunately, I have a kid with you, and you don't contribute NOTHING. Your life is so sad that no one can fall in love you cause you have nothing to contribute in a relationship. Instead, you tell your new boyfriends SAD STORIES *sad Russian accordion playing in background* to sympathize with you and have pity on you. Your current boyfriend is one racist red-neck FUCK that looks like a rat with pimples, crusty lips and smells like the harbour (last summer). I will WIN my child... and YOU will just have to do what you do best, pop another child into this world - so I'm kinda doing you a favor here!

I'm so fucking sick of women that call them selves "single mothers". YOU ARE NOT SINGLE, you're downtown every chance you get sleeping with other men. Anyways... Baby Mama: you're expired, high mileage, stretch marks all over your body (even on your calves) and your teeth are rotting slowly but surely. Have a good life living like a PIG!—Got my shit together!

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