Ever watched a Southpark episode titled "The F word" ? Maybe you should...

To the military guy who rides his Harley through the Darkside on his commute to work: Are you for real?

I mean seriously, dude...the big ass flags on each side of your top case, the replica of a German WWII military helmet you're wearing (in a very tasteful and understated chrome finish), the bad-ass wannabe patch on the back of your jacket, the exhaust pipes that make your antiquated, overly vibrating, heavy lump of an engine as loud as a Boeing 777...I really need to ask you a simple question...

Why not ride a fucking parade float to work instead?

That would serve just about the same purpose ("Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!") and be less of an embarrassment to other motorcyclists, or soldiers. And because I am both a motorcyclist and soldier, you annoy me twice as much as the other Harley clowns who need to wear a fucking costume bought at the chic fake-badassery boutique.

Your obnoxiously loud pipes contribute to motorcyclists of all categories being stereotyped and generally disliked by the authorities and the non-riding masses.

Your attire is a fucking embarrassment to the profession. Halloween is on October 31st, but you obviously didn't get the memo (or maybe you can't read). Perhaps someone told you, but you're too fucking deaf to hear anything anymore.

... and before the peanut gallery of self-appointed subject matter experts fires off its diarrhea of insults towards me (it seems to be the tradition around here) I'll simply mention that I do not know who this guy is, where he lives, who he works for, or where he parks his bike.

... and that is all. Thank you. —VFR dude

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