Karma will be a bigger bitch than I EVER was!

To my douche bag of an ex boyfriend.... grow the fuck up.

I get that we had issues in our relationship, but you lead me to believe that we could work all that shit out while on this break... you were just stringing me along. You were too much of a coward and a liar to fill me in on the fact that you had been sleeping with some chick since the night you moved out. You put our friends in a terrible position, and they had to tell me... thanks so much for that. I almost wish it had been you to tell me, because I would have skinned your balls right then and there.

I hope you realize that you have lost so many good things in your life, and until you smarten up, you will never hold a meaningful relationship. You are a selfish sack of shit, only out for number 1, with no consideration as to how your actions are going to affect anyone else. I didn't deserve any of this, and neither did our friends.

You KNEW I would be calling after I found out. Our friends gave you the chance to come clean, but you said you wouldn't. So when I did find out, I tried to call you several times, but you were too much of a pussy to pick up your phone. So you decide to send me a text message because you were too afraid to face the consequences, you knew you had done wrong, but you have no regard for anyone else's feelings. Fuck you.

You blame everyone else for all this drama, when all along it's been you, you're just too much of a child to take responsibility for your actions. Just keep in mind... I have many little tricks up my sleeve for revenge should I feel the need to use them...

Oh...and the other girl? ...Yea, she knows about everything now... so she won't be wanting much to do with your sorry self either. And mark my words... the next chick you date... she'll find out too. :)

Have a nice life shit sack.—A woman scorned...