No I don't own the lake but...

I do own that little piece of property along this part of the lake. And I do not recall posting a sign welcoming the public to use my back yard for feeding the ducks or geese...which I do not want in my yard and you shouldn't be feeding anyway.

I do not recall posting a sign inviting everyone to come on in and set up a picnic spot to drink and party. And there is NO sign stating it to be a public boat launch or fishing spot. This is MY yard, My house and I paid for it and continue to pay property taxes on it.

You wanna go out on the lake, go ahead, over on the other side. You wanna go fishing, go ahead, over on the other side of the lake...not in my back yard. And if you wanna get your 'drunk on' and party, go ahead, over on the other side of the lake, that which IS for public use. And as I've already said, you just shouldn't be feeding the ducks and geese... they'll survive on their own.

I have private property signs up and no trespassing signs as well... I should check again though because they are apparently in another language that no one seems to understand.

My my dock is obviously not in the best shape and I do not want somebody, or their kid, going out on it and hurting themselves. Why is it people have no common sense anymore...? Private property is private... that means not for the general public's use. I don't want to be held responsible when somebody gets hurt on my property, especially when they do not have permission to be there in the first place.

I like my privacy and my own personal space... that's why I bought this property in the first place. So everyone without permission... please stay outta my backyard and off my property... or anyone's property that is not yours. —Lakefront property owner

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