Impatient Line up Caller

To the Cucking Funt who decided to call from the line to tell me to open another cash... you're a twat.

Let's go over this again...

I was packing boxes about 3 feet away from you. You were in a very short line with two people in front of you... one was almost through being rung in... and you had an approximate 2-4 minute wait.

When the phone rang I left from being 3 feet away from you to going 40 feet away from you to get the phone. Then a snotty little voice on the other end said "Hey, you wanna open another cash?" Then I turned to see a man in line waving his little fingers like jazz hands at took a second to realize that this wasn't a man, this was the voice from the phone, you just have no tits and a bad haircut.

Like I told you at that moment, yes I can go get someone who works cash to come up but you could have just asked me when I was standing right next to you.

Then you had your little tantrum and yelled about how rude I am and threw stuff around and stormed out of the store...of course the other cashier was already there ready to open by then and watched your little hissy-fit so if you had waited 30 seconds you could have just kept your mouth shut.

Then we laughed...oh god how we laughed, the other customers laughed (they think you must think you're just SOOOOO important) the employees laughed (we disagreed and thought you actually have low self esteem and feel the need to belittle others to make yourself seem better).

Then you stood outside the store and called to complain... and here's a little tip. When you call to make a complaint about service, don't be a complete crazed bitch on the phone with the manager because then they disregard everything that you say.

So lets recap: the customers think you're an annoying bitch, the employees think you're a complete nut-job and management doesn't give a crap if you ever come in the store again. And just in case you're wondering if calling and complaining got me in trouble... it didn't. I got a high five for not just slapping you in the face.

Enjoy stewing at home in your anger about the awful way you were treated while we all make fun of made my day sweetie. —Here's a quarter, call someone who cares

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