Please keep your comments to yourself check out lady

We often buy extra groceries and put them in the food bank box on our way out the of the grocery store. I'm not talking large amounts but if something is on sale we'll double up or whatever and donate it.

I'm getting really tired of the comments from this one particular check out lady.  For some reason we ALWAYS seem to get her. One time we even switched lines when we saw her and some how she STILL showed up at the register (break relief I think).

When she sees us buying like 5 bags of oatmeal she thinks she should make a comment about how much food we're buying and 'what are we going to do with all the such and such'.  I tried to explain it to her once but she didn't get it.  I wouldn't even care if the comments weren't snide, snotty and if she didn't look me up and down when she said it - yeah I could stand to lose a few. But whatever.

I generally don't mind chit chat at the register but keep your fucking snide comments to yourself.—Kiss it

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