Hire Better Bus Drivers

I was in town the other day walking with a friend and an elderly lady was walking in front of us. She was watching the bus that was driving, it was clear that she gets the bus frequently because the bus driving opened his door at the stop light for her.

First of all you ass hole, she had a walker and couldn't walk that fast. You're so impatient that you stop in the middle of the road and expect her to walk across the street in middle of traffic! Great Idea!

Here's the best part: she was almost to the bus stop and waved to him that she would rather walk across the street safely than get hit by a truck. I said to my friend "If he doesn't stop at that bus stop," and of course guess what happened... he kept driving and left the poor lady standing there.

Who the fuck hired you? I'm sure 95% of the people on that bus hated you that day, I know I did. Sad thing is, that's not the first time I've seen that happen.—The girl without a car

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