Get out of the passing lane!

It's not just the left lane on a 100 series highway it's called the passing lane for a reason, FOR PASSING !!

So next time you find your slow ass there and the car to the right of you is there for say 5 minutes then realize you are not passing and get the fuck into that same right lane so the rest of the drivers can pass.

And how you ignore others left signal and horn blasts as they try to get where their going. Instead you stay there causing several people to give up and pass on the right.

From now on you dumb drivers are getting reported for impeding traffic. And because my details will be correct and you won't be smart enough to remember doing it, you will get a ticket or points added to your license even if it came from a cracker jack box.

And you say to that, I must be speeding well I tell ya if everyone drove the speed limit we wouldn't need a left lane would we. Do us a favor and keep you slow ass out of the passing lane!,—Like to actually use the passing lane now and then

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