Your BED is for sleeping

Thank you to the frizzy-haired goof on the morning blackjack bus downtown today... Everything you did in your state of slumber made my Monday morning commute totally awkward, causing me to rue the very fact that I even left my bed.

First, you had to go and put your bag on the seat beside you before drifting off to sleep. Getting on the bus I was excited to see one seat left near the back... no standing for me today! But no, your bag was on the seat and when I politely excused myself with the intention of sitting beside you I noticed you were out cold. I had to practically put the bag on your lap (before you awoke and at least apologized for that).

If only you had have shown even half that consideration for the remainder of the ride. You couldn't even move your legs to your own side to allow me to bring mine in from the aisle. Right back to sleep you went, legs all over the place, arms practically falling onto my lap beside you. Even after I started pushing your leg back away from mine, you couldn't bother waking up to sit up and allow me just a little room. Thank fuck the two people in the seat next to me were only going halfway downtown and allowed me escape...

I hope you don't travel on "MY" bus again... next time I see an open seat next to you I will be sure to stay as far away as possible. I mean, come on... do you really not care enough about anyone but yourself? Or you just don't have any common sense?

I'll go with a combination of both. Either way, can't wait to see the number of replies that suggest I get a car or "stick up for myself" by saying something... —Not in the mood to cuddle, thanks...

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