Sad state of society

To the residents of Halifax, for that matter to the inhabitants of Earth:

On my regular morning drive to work, while driving thru to get my coffee, I noticed a young woman standing by a pay phone. With a suitcase and several smaller bags, it was very apparent she was having a bad morning. She was in tears and quite upset. I thought to myself, who knows who else could be involved and maybe I should just wait to offer assistance or I could be fighting off the ex boyfriend that just booted her to the curb.

So, I proceeded to get my coffee but went back around to check on her. Sure enough she was still there, head in hands crying her eyes out. While I was turning around to pull up to her she noticed a vacant taxi slowly driving by, she jumped up and flagged him but he put his hands up in a gesture as if to say "what do you want from me"? She asked him for a ride and he denied her... For what reason I do not know but I also don't know why he couldn't have called a fellow driver for her.

Being a regular at that gas station/drive thru, I noticed the manager of the store just standing there poking her head around the corner spying on the young woman, not offering help and most likely about to ask the woman not to loiter.

That did it, I threw my truck up in park and jumped out and asked the woman if she was okay. She wimperingly told me that the pay phone was broken and that despite asking many people, no one would call her a cab. She continued that she really needed to get to Bedford and she was already late.

Now, I am one of those people that absolutely refuse to own a cell phone, but I picked up the pay phone and dialed the operator and explained the phone was not accepting the coins and could she place a call for me. The operator promptly did so, the dispatch answered right away and I told them who I was and what the situation was, I expressed the urgency and thanked them. Less than two minutes later a cab showed up. The young woman thanked me and got in the cab and drove off. The manager who had watched the whole thing glared at me as if I had just witnessed a shoplifting and aided the crook.

Okay, so let's keep it real for a second. This "young woman" by appearance seemed to be what some may call... ahem... a l'il sketchy. Perhaps one could say she may have some issues with substance abuse. But ya know what? That should not matter whatsoever.

Maybe those suitcases were packed because she was finally making a move toward a better way of life. This is Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and on a sunny Tuesday morning not one person even asked if she was okay. So does this mean that even in our big little town you are judged on your exterior appearance?

It's just sad... truly sad. That woman is someone's daughter, maybe someone's mother and without a doubt someone's friend and that morning just another soul needing help. Everyone that saw her that day should be ashamed and will indeed receive their own karma for not helping her.

I'll be honest, I am certainly far from Mr.Nice guy, one could say I can downright rude at times(most). But how can anyone not even stop and ask if she is okay? And a message to the manager of the store - how about instead of peeking around the corner and avoiding the woman how about you call and get your god damn payphone fixed.

Shame on us all! What if it were you? —Mr. Nice Guy

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