It's 20 for us too

Hi, A sweet smile is fine. A second look is somewhat acceptable. But if you stare at me like I'm a walking dessert menu and lick your lips, it's disgusting.

Men: I know you are trying to be... I don't know, flirty, or think it's a compliment, but it's not. It's creepy to leer at someone because they are showing some skin.

When it's 20 degrees outside for you, it's 20 degrees for us too. So yeah on that freak nice Tuesday, I was wearing shorts. And a tank top. Then i was stuck on a stuffy bus being eye-fucked by 2 creep shows. I didn't want to put my uniform shirt back on because it was too hot in the tank top so the canvas chefs jacket wouldn't have been better.

And why should I change MY appearance and suffer the heat because YOU can't control your behaviour in public? I know some women go outside dressing and acting like trash for attention. Give them the attention. When women are sitting quietly and reading, playing with their iPod and totally disregarding you, it's a hint. Piss off. I will tell you off next time. —Six stars

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