Too Bad...

What's up with all the slugs up in DC? Every time it rains, walking to work is like playing hopscotch with snots instead of chalk lines. I don't like them but I don't like stepping on them either.

I know, they're part of the biomass, an important link in the food chain, the circle of life. They are also fucking gross. It might be different if they had shells; snails are cool. Slugs are disgusting.

Yes, I know, I need to: suck it up, get a life, a job, a car, a hobby, or fucked. To which I reply: I do, I have, I have 2, I won't, I sniff glue, and occasionally.

I'll repeat myself; Slugs are fucking gross.

And when coffee/donut shops pilot a new "Breakfast Baquette Avec Escargots", don't say your old buddy didn't warn you. —Doug, and the...

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