I am SOOO sick of all those people who believe that just because some are overweight, middle aged, or use a cane (due to their excess baggage of all things)that I need to slow down or patiently wait for the middle aged and heavy to slowly creep onward.

I don't have the time or the patience to wait on you people 'til you decide what you want to buy... Figure it out before you enter the store or stay the fuck outside.

And as for your lighter, younger, but still irritating friend, scoff at me again and I will tell you to fuck off, again, You're not God. I don't need to fear you or or wrath.

And yes I know I'm rude. In fact, I'm downright a fucking bitch, and am DAMN PROUD OF IT. So the next time you feel like hogging the aisle be warned, I WILL KNOCK PAST YOU...AGAIN. —IM NOT GHANDI

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