Ah, Summer :-)


It is, indeed, that wonderful time of year again: summer (ok, almost)... time for us all to break out the shorts, tanks, skirts, t-shirts. Time for girls to go around wearing little to nothing (yes, I look... i do not leer, stare, or drool. I've never had a girl catch me looking yet, mostly because i AM a girl, so they never expect a glance), and for the most part, this is great.

The not so great part?

People who won't bathe, shower, or perform ANY type of personal hygiene ritual.

Winter gives these lazy-asses some reprieve, due to heavier clothing, which SOMEWHAT manages to mask the scent of a gross, unwashed body, just like cold air does.

May I give a really strong reminder that SUMMER DOES NOT... Summer has warm-hot, stifling air, and there are days when there won't be even a breeze. This makes even those who shower daily get a bit ripe before the day is out.

HOWEVER, there is a HUGE difference between a body that has gone through 6-8 hours of heat, and one that has gone through 2-7 days of it, and hasn't felt the warm caress of water mixed with soap.

How do you know if you are one of the nasty ones?

1. You haven't showered, bathed, or given yourself a really good wash that day. Or yesterday.
2. People around you are looking around, as in, "What the HELL is that stench???" or are just backing away.
3. Children start crying in your presence, and fruit starts to bruise.

Soap is REALLY cheap (available at the dollar store...hell, every public washroom has it!)... water, again, free.

Use it. For the love of GOD, please, use it. —Pleasepleasepleasebathe

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