Marriage? No thanks!

So I know about 11 or 12 of my peers (some co-workers, some old classmates, some cousins) are engaged or already married. In fact, it seems that every week, I receive news on fb that 'so-and-so is now engaged'. All of them are in their early to mid-20s, and one is only 19. I mentioned this at a small family gathering. "I can't get over how many people I know, and used to know, that are my age and getting married." I said. Then everyone asks me "so when are YOU getting married? Don't you think it's about that time?" I thought they were joking at first, but they were all serious. My mom tells me I'm getting too old to just go on dates or live the single life and that I should find someone to settle down with.

I'm only 27, for fuck's sake! Marriage is not something I'm interested in at the moment, and I believe that it's overrated. Then people suggest I should have a baby too. (Lots of these peers have kids too). No! I want to travel and focus on my career and go on casual dates! How the fuck am I gonna do that if I have a baby? When I want to settle down with someone, I will, but that probably won't happen until I'm in my 30s. Is there something wrong with that? Fuck no! Am I really the only woman out there who doesn't give two shits about being married with kids? —I enjoy being single!

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