Another Vehicle Bitch

This is a bitch for all the single-car motorists in Halifax.

Each day, the city is congested with your "necessity" luxuries that endanger the lives of cyclists and pedestrians hourly. Then, most of you drivers bitch about the BP oil spill. How does that make any sense? You over-rely on the very thing you're devastated about... IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Anyone who lives as near as Bedford (including as far as Cole Harbour), and is so saddened by the irreversible ecological and social destruction caused by the oil spill, get your fat asses out of your cars and onto the bus, or bike seat, or use those things hanging off the bottom of your legs, for christsake. THEN you can cry about the oil spill in - at least - a logical way.

If you're too nervous about biking in the city, call your Councilor and let them know your needs. Same goes for bus services. Reduce your intake and dependence on oil before you cry about the oil spill. —Celebrating bike week

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