I know the meaning of an EMERGENCY varies considerably from person to person, but an ER is for EMERGENCIES. This means, you go there when your life is in DANGER and you could die.

You don't go for a shallow CUT, the FLU, a COLD, because you're PREGNANT and especially not ABDOMINAL PAIN after you just consumed 1000 calories of something called "FOOD" but now is LAVA in your gut. (Go sit on the toilet for several hours and suffer alone).

You DO go when you have diarrhea, can't stop throwing up and are dehydrated.
You DO go when you are bleeding heavily from a large gash or cut off a digit or limb.
You DO go when you have a fever that won't go down after 48h after taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen aka. Tylenol or Advil ---wear a mask for god's sake, don't spread your germs---
You DO go if you cannot BREATHE and have chest pain.
You DO go if you suddenly went blind or deaf or dizzy or can't speak suddenly.

Let up on our ER staff please, go visit your family doctor, or walk in clinic, they are for NON-EMERGENCY things. And if the doctor refers you to the ER for a non-emergency, tell the doc he/she won't get paid for this visit as you will write MSI and tell them he/she did not provide a service. —Not a health care worker

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