Pick up your shit!

As a former responsible dog owner, it really pisses me off to see dog owners letting their pets have a shit where ever they want and not cleaning it up.

I'm appalled with the owners of the white bull terrier walking through Mount Olivet Cemetery on Thursday evening around 5pm. They were walking ahead of their off-leash dog and neglected to watch him take a dump right beside a headstone. Although the cemetery posts "No Dogs" signs, I would be fine with it as long as you were responsible and picked up after your pooch.

I've seen you walking through there before, and am so tempted to follow you home so I know just where to throw the shit next time you are being such a turd for not respecting where you are.

How would you like the headstone of your parents to be adorned with dog shit. Grow up and start being responsible for your pet. —Not so smiley

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