To the creighton street "gang":

This goes out to the group of kids (I would hardly call you teens, let alone adults) on Creighton Street yesterday who saw me biking in the rain and threw a basketball at me and laughed when it hit my tire and almost spun me out.

I am more shaken than I am angry at you, you attacked me for no reason and for no gain. Maybe you don't know yet that your pack mentality will not get you far in the real world, I hope you grow the fuck up before karma comes back around. Best of luck to you if you decide to keep pulling stunts like that, I'm sure I'll be seeing you within the statistics of north end violence soon when you mess with someone with an even bigger group of friends.

You want to fight something? Fight to be an individual and not succumb to the stupidity of being a follower in a gang that lashes out with childish actions. I hope you don't think you are entitled to mess with people because of the strength you find in numbers, you will learn the hard way soon enough. —Girl on the red bike

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